Just another coffee blog

Ok, so we’re playing it down a little, we aren’t JUST another coffee blog. We are an awesome coffee blog! We’re going to be bringing you all the trendiest and up and coming places to drink your Joe. We’ll be delving into some of the most innovative new brewing methods. Helping you get your perfect cup of Joe at home, right down to quick and easy home roasting methods. Shopping and testing on your behalf, some of the very best coffee machines on the market and whilst we are at it, we might even take a little look at some of the best ways for you to make sure we keep growing coffee sustainably, so there’s no harm no foul and no bitter notes with your favourite hot and steamy beverage.
It’s going to take us a little while to get up and running here at KC Coffee Girls as we want to make sure everything we put out on this site is interesting, up to date and most importantly…useful! We can’t wait to get started and hope you will come back to join us soon for loads of top tips, guides and reviews. In the meantime, take a look at this cool piece of American press that explores this great new bit of tech for brewing great coffee in the home.

Brewing Tips

Making Great Coffee at Home

One thing about coffee is that it always seems to taste that little bit better when we’ve spent a few pounds on it  in our local coffee house. Well in the vid below you can get some great hints and tips from Mr Porter on how to get a perfect cup of coffee at home. Brewing temperatures, grinding beans and filtering all come together to get a cup of coffee that you can enjoy at any moment fresh and hot at home. There are numerous brewing methods and pieces of tech you can use in your home to achieve a great cup of coffee that’s individual to you so don’t just limit yourself to Mr Porters methods below. Do a bit of research, grab a few techniques and start experimenting!