Benefits Drinking

The Right Coffee for Your Moment

Coffee is great. It has a myriad of benefits and uses within the modern lifestyle, and can really help grease those slow-moving days, and get the creative juices flowing. It’s delicious, and there’s a perfect coffee out there for every moment of the day, regardless of what you’re up to and how you’re feeling. Beyond curing that sleepy, sluggish feeling, coffee can really help out, and even as a routine and ritual, it can help get you in the mind-space you want to be in.

Everyone knows coffee can wake you up, but when else is it great for?

Trying To Revise or Learn Something?

At the time of writing, we’re midway through exam season. If you’ve ever sat down and tried to jam information into your brain, you’ll know how awkward that can be if you’re not feeling particularly into it. A potent black coffee, or some other no-nonsense type cup of Joe (you don’t want to be wasting too much time making it!) can really get you back on track. Coffee (in moderation) has been shown to improve memory function, all while waking you up, and helping you focus.

If you’re one of those unlucky people who suffers from ADD or ADHD, or any other attention-based difficulty, coffee has been found to be very helpful when it comes to batting away those distractions, and finally settling into some work.

About to do a Work-Out?

Okay, so you’ve planned a bit of exercise, or a full-blown gym trip today, maybe even just a light yoga session, but you’re feeling pretty far from up to it. If you’re wanting to build up your pump, and really get in that exercising mood, coffee can be the way forward. Plain black coffee can be helpful, but if you want to go hard-core there’s bullet-proof coffee.

Touted online as being used by mountain guide Sherpas, and as a real energy miracle in the form of readily available kitchen ingredients, bullet-proof coffee is really just strong black coffee, with a teaspoon of unsalted organic butter, and some coconut oil thrown in there. You’ll be surprised at how helpful, if a little oily, it can be, when getting ready for that work-out you promised yourself. People have this idea of coffee as a modern drink, but it’s been around for absolutely centuries, and can be very helpful when it comes to physical activities.

Being Unproductive or Stuck in a Rut?

We all get that post-lunch, pre-commute lurch into inactivity. You know, that period where all we want to do is mindlessly mull over emails, or choose background music, or some other equally pointless task. A good, strong white coffee can push you up over the precipice, and get you moving again. Coffee has been shown to statistically help with and help avoid depression too!

Trying to Unwind in the Evening?

Maybe coffee doesn’t have the reputation as the most chilled out drink in the world. However, when it comes to winding down in the evening, few things compare to a quality, decaffeinated coffee or mocha, and a bit of chocolate in the evening on the sofa. Maybe wine’s more your thing, but drinking comes with its own issues, but if you’re not really a wine person, or just not wanting to drink, coffee is the way to go.